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Ordnance Survey 10K GIS Raster Data Tiles

OS 10k GeoTiff Raster Data Tiles - Overview

Key features of the product:

  • A national dataset available for backdrop raster mapping; the vector format lends itself to detailed data analysis and bespoke styling
  • Automated output taken directly from the OS Large-Scale Topographic Database, giving improved currency and consistency that's in-line with the OS MasterMap Topography Layer product and other OS generalised mapping products
  • Cleaner, clearer raster GeoTIFF (Geographic Tagged Image File Format) outputs
  • Improved generalised building geometries derived from large-scale data
  • Features are not cut at tile edges; therefore, the topological relationships of features are maintained
  • The nominal viewing scale is 1:10 000, with a recommended viewing scale range of 1:3,000 to 1:20 000
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