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Ordnance Survey Premium Licensed Partner


This website is owned and operated by UK Map Centre LLP (Company number SO306398)... 

Through our special links with Ordnance Survey we are able to provide customised mapping and data solutions.

Office address: 22 Montrose Street, Glasgow, G1 1RE - Please Note we are not open to the public

Telephone number: 0141 552 7722

We are an authorised OS Licensed Premium Partner supplying Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data products to individuals, councils and some large companies.

OS is Britain’s mapping agency. As well as making the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country, it is also a digital business. Together with its Partners it provides content helping governments, companies and individuals to be more effective.



Summary of Key Benefits:


  • Ordnance Survey Premium Partner Licence Number: AC0000848283
  • Fast Turnaround by email
  • First-Class Customer Service
  • Support Telephone Numbers - tel 0141 552 7722 during office hours
  • Competitive Pricing - we check our pricing on a regular basis
  • Council Compliant - all extracts have a North arrow, scale bar and national grid coordinates



Mission Statement:


"At UKMapCentre.com, our mission is to provide comprehensive, accurate, and accessible mapping solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and public entities. We are dedicated to enhancing geographical understanding and decision-making through technology and expert support, ensuring that every map we deliver meets the highest standards and usability. As a trusted premium partner of Ordnance Survey (Great Britain's national mapping agency), we are committed to continuously evolving our services to meet the diverse needs of our customers across the UK."



Our End Goals for Clients:


  • Quality Products: Take on board customer feedback to offer improved products and features
  • Learn About Geography: Help customers understand and appreciate geography better
  • Custom Maps: Offer maps tailored to the specific needs of each customer
  • Easy Access: Make it simple for customers to find and use our maps
  • Support and Advice: Give reliable help and advice to maximize map effectiveness
  • Stay Innovative: Continually introduce new and improved mapping technologies



Our Values:


  • Reliability: Commitment to delivering the most reliable OS mapping data available
  • Customer Focus: Prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers in all we do
  • Innovation: Embracing technology and creativity to improve our products and services continually
  • Integrity: Conducting our business with honesty and transparency, building trust with our customers and partners
  • Education and Awareness: Enhancing public knowledge and appreciation of geography and maps
  • Sustainability: Promoting responsible practices that consider environmental impacts and community well-being

These values can guide the behaviour and decision-making process within UK Map Centre, ensuring a consistent approach to business that resonates with both customers and employees.



Our History:


"UK Map Centre has proudly served as a partner of Ordnance Survey for over 20 years, establishing itself as a trusted leader in the mapping industry. Our team comprises of dedicated professionals, including skilled cartographers, IT enthusiasts and customer care specialists, who are passionate about providing high-quality mapping solutions. Throughout our history, we have committed to innovation and customer service, consistently adapting to new technologies and evolving customer needs. This dedication has enabled us to maintain a position at the forefront of the mapping services industry."



Environmental Policy:


The company will use policies and procedures that will ensure the conservation of natural resources while minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations, including, but not limited to, waste reduction and recycling:

  • We will endeavour to perform business electronically, to reduce paper usage
  • We will always seek to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, re-usable, recyclable and that do not damage the environment
  • Whenever possible, we re-use incoming packaging materials
  • HP Planet Partner: Recycling all toner cartridges and ink cartridges to avoid landfill (HP Link for others to join)
  • The company operates an energy conservation policy to ensure that all non-critical equipment is switched off when not needed and low energy electrical equipment will be preferred for purchase
  • Old electrical equipment is donated to local charities (2021: Plotter to a dementia charity as well as a light-box to a Rehab facility)
  • Excess paper is donated to local Schools
  • We recycle all office waste - Paper, board, plastic, glass, waste and as much as possible
  • Working towards a 'paperless' office - Use of online and digital media as a core means of communication
  • Promote a flexible home working policy to save on traveling



Account Verification
No Account Required. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Many Scales and Styles
1:100 Kerb Plans to 50K Raster Style. Block Plans, Location Plans, Planning Packs.
Digital Formats
PDF, JPG, TIFF, GeoTIFF, CAD in minutes.
Vector CAD Data
For expert users with CAD tools. DXF/DWG formats.
Keep Legal
Council, Land Registry and Utility Compliant.
Map, Size and Shape Options
Find your location, select your size and shape as needed. Easy and clear options.