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Ordnance Survey Aerial GIS Tiles

OSMM Imagery Layer (Aerial Tiles) covers the whole of Great Britain - Overview

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer uses the same source imagery that underpins Ordnance Surveys large-scale data updates. Their processing software produces true-orthorectified imagery, removing building lean from aerial imagery to give you a consistent top-down view. Ideal for:

  • Risk Management
  • Site Planning
  • Property Development
  • Asset Management
  • Agricultural Services
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Placing behind OS Mastermap Topographical Layer 
  • Unlimited outputting (eg PDFs) from GIS of any scale within the selected licence term

NOTE: Alternative OS Aerial products if you don't use GIS:

Alternative Products:


  • 1km x 1km Tiff File
  • Georeferencing world file included
  • XML file with relevant file included
  • Flattened raster image
  • No bounding info (eg grid)
  • Full colour
  • Best viewed at a scale between 1:1250 to 1:10,000
  • Seamless joining within any GIS setup

OS Imagery Aerial Tile  Sample

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