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OS Digital Terrain Tiles - 5km x 5km Tiles - Overview

OS Terrain 5 is a mid-resolution DTM, designed to be interoperable with Ordnance Surveys large-scale data... GIS experience/knowledge is required to get the most out of this product...

OS Terrain 5 provides an ideal base to enable the third dimension for other data within an appropriate geographical information system (GIS). The height data has been created from a source that is also used to update Ordnance Survey large-scale data products.

OS Terrain 5 can be used in conjunction with various Ordnance Survey digital products for analytical, modelling, planning and visual purposes. These uses enable customers to undertake the following:

  • Asset / site management
  • Environmental analysis
  • View shed modelling
  • Landscape visualisation and fly-through sequences
  • Planning and development
  • Wind farm location planning
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Foundation for 3D modelling
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