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OS MasterMap Topography Layer® - GIS | CAD - Overview

The OS MasterMap Topography layer is presented seamlessly with more than 500 Million real world objects – all uniquely identified - including roads, buildings, parks and waterways all managed and maintained by Ordnance Survey within one of the world’s largest spatial databases.

OS standard tiles are a huge 5km x 5km (and rather expensive) but on this page you can select an area as small as 100m x 100m - both saving £££s and not paying for data that is not required - we also have a function to rotate your area to save even more £££s.​

Designed for use with:
  • GIS Software - GML | GeoPackage | GeoTiff
  • CAD Software - DWG or DXF

An optional Contour Layer is available | DXF format will be supplied

Some GIS experience is required for styling the GML and GeoPackage within a GIS package - The DXF and DWG formats for CAD and the GeoTiff are ready out of the box.

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