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Ordnance Survey 25K GIS Data

OS 25k GeoTiff Raster Data

OS 25k GeoTiff Raster Data

  • Designed for use with GIS Software
  • OS 25k Data in a geo-referenced raster format
  • Georeferenced - meaning that the internal coordinate system of the data related to a geographic coordinate system (UK National Grid)
  • Flat Image for GIS backdrop mapping
  • Unlimited outputting (eg PDFs) from GIS of any scale within the selected licence term

NOTE: GIS Users looking for Full OS Tiles (5km x 5km) are available by clicking here

As 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster is aimed at professional/business markets, its graphic specification can provide assistance with:

  • Environmental applications
  • Leisure applications
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Planning and licence applications for rural locations
  • Farm | estate | property management
  • Covering large Real estate

OS 25k Raster Sample

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25K Raster Geotiff

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