Electric Vehicles | Charge Points and Planning

UK Growth in Public Charging Devices

Since 2015, the number of public devices has grown by 44% per year, on average. Rapid devices have increased at a much higher rate, with an average annual increase of 67%. (ref: gov.uk website)

Our CAD Product (in DWG or DXF) of the OS MasterMap Topography Layer® is perfect to help with Electric Vehicle Charging Point planning. Why:

  • The mapping is the most detailed complete and current view of Great Britain’s landscape
  • Easy to measure from in CAD (calibrated to meters)
  • Ideal to help create wiring diagrams or work out length of cables required
  • The same data can be used for Local Authority planning applications
  • Use the same data for any Utility Company submissions

OS Mastermap GIS | CAD Data

Designed for use with CAD software. OS MasterMap® Topography Layer in a layered vector format. Available as a DXF or DWG. Optional height layers (contours and digital terrain model - OS TerrainTM 5) . Extended licence terms now available with a multi year discount built into the online price.

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1:100 Kerb Plans to 50K Raster Style. Block Plans, Location Plans, Planning Packs.
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PDF, JPG, TIFF, GeoTIFF, CAD in minutes.
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For expert users with CAD tools. DXF/DWG formats.
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