How to print to scale


Step 1: PDF format printing

  • Download your file from your our email to your desktop or relevant folder
  • Open the file using your PDF software - the most popular is Abobe Reader << click to download for free
  • Or all modern browsers like Firefox or Edge allow printing of PDFs
  • Now Press the PRINT option


Step 2: Printing PDF plans to scale

  • Make sure that your printer is displayed
  • Always make sure that “Actual Size” is selected - this allows printing at 100% - the default is usually “Fit” or “Reduce to Printer Margins”
  • On older versions of Adobe Reader please make sure that no scaling is selected (or none) - the default choice is usually "Fit to Printable Area"
  • Select the number of copies you require
  • Finally press OK


Advanced: Checking Plans are to scale

A scale ruler is ideal for making sure your Ordnance Survey Plan is to scale - UK Manufactured scale rulers (that show 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1250 & 1:2500) are available via the link below:

  • Before submitting to say a Local Authority (or even doing your own measurements) it is very important to make sure that your plans are to scale
  • Not eveyone has a scale ruler to hand but don't panic, you can use any ruler or measuring tape to check that our plans are to scale


Simply check your printout by placing a ruler as indicated on the image to the right - measure the mapping area only and it should measure:

  • 11.2cm x 11.2cm at A5 budget size
  • 16cm x 16cm at A4 Value size
  • 17cm x 23cm at A4 Portrait size
  • 25.5cm x 15.5cm at A4 landscape size
  • 24cm x 24cm at A3 value size
  • 24cm x 34cm at A3 portrait size
  • 36.5cm x 22cm at A3 landscape size
  • 36.5cm x 48.5cm at A2 portrait size
  • 54.5 cm x 33cm at A2 landscape size
  • 53.5cm x 71.5cm at A1 Portrait
  • 78.5cm x 49.5cm at A1 landscape size
  • 75cm x 99.5cm at A0 portrait size
  • 111cm x 68.5cm at A0 landscape size
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